Hohner Special 20

We are pleased to introduce the Hohner Special 20. This instrument is made in Germany, and is used by professional harmonica players around the world.

Th Hohner Special 20 features a plastic comb and is about the same size as the well known Hohner Marine Band. The design of the Special 20 is a classic one, and has been copied by other manufacturers. However the quality control of Hohner, especially with regard to the reed plate makes the Special 20 an exceptional instrument.

The Hohner Special 20 is an excellent blues instrument, and responds well to beautiful tunes like the one here.

If you have never played a professional quality harmonica before, then you are in for a pleasant surprise with the Hohner Special 20. The notes are much easier to play compared to cheaper instruments. Bending is much easier, the instrument is louder and produces a clearer sound.

The Hohner Special 20 comes in a high quality plastic box.

Buy a Hohner Special 20 today! This instrument will help you to play even better.