The Hohner Silver Star is a good quality introductory instrument, designed for beginning harmonica players. This instrument is made in China, with the quality control found in all Hohner instruments. Hohner is the best known harmonica company in the world.

A new harmonica player needs a reliable instrument. In particular, the instrument must be in tune. Harmonicas which cost less than the Hohner Silver Star are available, however these cheaper instruments are not always in tune. If you buy an instrument which is not in tune, then you will never sound good, no matter how much practice you do! The Hohner quality control ensures that your Silver Star will be in tune.

The Hohner Silver Star is slightly larger than other 10 hole harmonicas. This makes it easier for beginning players to hold the harmonica and find the notes. The Silver Star comes in a strong plastic box, which protects the instrument when it is not being played

You can play beautiful music like this on your Hohner Silver Star harmonica

A common problem with harmonicas is that the outer cover plates become crushed, particularly if the instrument in carried in your pocket. To avoid this problem, the Silver Star harmonica body has plastic supports built in, as shown in the photo. These plastic supprts prevent the cover plates from being crushed.

While the Silver Star is a low cost instrument, it has the quality expected from Hohner, the best known harmonica company in the world. Buy a Hohner Silver Star today and start learning to play!