Learn Harmonica with online lessons

Harmonica University provides online harmonica lessons. While many Harmonica instruction books are available, they often move too quickly, or provide little depth. Harmonica University uses a new online harmonica teaching method, moving at at pace which best helps you learn. These online harmonica lessons are for complete beginners as well as experienced players. The final lessons in the course should challenge professional players.

Our learning technique works much like a good teacher does. We show you, we play many examples, slowly, so that you "learn by ear". You listen, play and compare. This is easiest and best way to learn. Harmonica instruction books often use CDs to do this, however CDs with many tracks can be hard to manage. Harmonica University lessons are much simpler, as the audio samples are always in front of your eyes, just one click away. And you can go back and forth, as you need.

Where you fit in

The course is organised like a four-stage University program, with freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years. This structure makes it easy to for experienced players to find a starting point.

For beginners, we assume that you have never held a harmonica, and have no musical background. Even if you do not learn to play (we hope you do!), the lessons will explain how music works, in a gentle way. This will open the world of music to you.

Experienced players will find a structured way to improve. We cover blues in great depth, but also provide detailed instruction about other harmonica styles, with traditional tunes a particular focus. We introduce you to the great masters. Perhaps, in time, you will become one of them.

What do you get?

There is a free section to give you a taste of things. Then there’s the University part, for enrolled members, who get:

80 Graded Lessons. These go from the complete beginning to very advanced
20 beginning and intermediate tunes, to get you started
20 Bluegrass and Irish fiddle tunes, also played slow for learning, and up to speed
Blues and Hip Hop jam tracks
A free downloadable CD, by Tony Eyers, the founder of Harmonica University
And, a complete harmonica education

Come on in. Look around the University. Visit the library, and explore the campus. We hope you enrol, and join our community.